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Our Technical Support team works hard to provide multiple support avenues to both Auto Agent™ users and registered technicians.

We’ve created what we believe is the most advanced vehicle communication tool available and are constantly making efforts to improve control and ease of use based on your feedback.


  • The EZ LYNK® network is not showing up

    Check the Auto Agent™ lights

    If you’re unable to see the EZ LYNK® network in your device’s Wi-Fi settings, please check the lights that are emitted from the unit itself. A solid green light indicates the that unit is receiving power from your vehicle. A solid blue light indicates that a wireless signal is being broadcast.

    When only a green light is visible, your unit may need to be reset. You can do so by disconnecting the ethernet end of the OBD-II cable from the Auto Agent™ box. Plugging the cable back in should result in a flash of lights followed by a solid green and blue light to be emitted from the unit. When the blue light is visible, please attempt your connection again.

    If a blue light is visible but the EZ LYNK® network is still not visible, contact the Technical Support team for troubleshooting assistance.

  • I’m receiving a ‘No internet’ message

    Connection explained

    Most mobile devices have a feature that displays a ‘No Internet Connection’ message when connecting to the EZ LYNK® network. This may raise a concern at first, but the message is normal and will occur every time that you connect.

    When connecting to the EZ LYNK® network you are establishing means of communication with your vehicle as opposed to the internet.

  • I can’t connect to my vehicle

    Place your key in ‘Run’

    From the moment the Auto Agent™ is plugged in, it attempts to stream data from your vehicle’s engine computer. If your ECM has not been booted prior to your communication request, you will receive a message in the app stating that you are unable to communicate with your vehicle.

    By placing your vehicle’s key into the ‘Run’ position prior to establishing your connection, you are booting your ECM and allowing the app to pull accurate data.

  • I’m having trouble updating my firmware

    Reconnect & verify firmware version

    Keeping your firmware up to date is necessary to take advantage of the innovative features that are frequently added. Depending on the previous version, it may be necessary to unplug and replug your Auto Agent™ to complete the firmware installation.

    If you’ve been disconnected during a firmware update, unplug and replug your unit into the OBD-II port, connect, and open the app to verify your current firmware version. This can be viewed on the ‘About’ page from the ‘Settings’ tab of the menu.

    Contact our Technical Support team if you’re unsure if you’ve updated or are having troubles.

  • I don’t have any ECU profiles available

    Contact your registered technician

    ECU profiles are modified, managed, and distributed your registered technician. If you aren’t sure who your technician is, we recommended contacting your dealer to obtain their information. It’s also important to verify that your vehicle has been lynked to a technician by viewing the ‘Technicians’ option from the ‘Vehicles’ tab.

  • I’m stuck installing at 0%

    Unplug & connect to the internet

    When using cell data or switching networks, downloaded data can sometimes come through incomplete. This will cause your Auto Agent™ to reject the file you are trying to install and stick the app at 0%.

    The best solution for this issue is to unplug the unit, connect to an internet source to fetch (the Cloud button) the profile you are trying install, plug the unit back in, and attempt the installation again.

    Any further troubles should be directed toward our Technical Support team.

  • Contact tech support

    For vehicle and ECU profile questions or issues, it’s best to contact your registered technician first. This includes things like diagnostic trouble codes, information about specific profiles, profile recommendations, transmission adjustments, etc. They will be able to use the tools available in the EZ LYNK® Cloud to help you find a solution.

    Questions or troubles with the Auto Agent™, app, or vehicle communication should be directed to our Technical Support team.

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