Introducing the EZ LYNK


How It Works Intro Video


  • Live Data Stream and monitor data not available on your vehicle’s factory instrument panel.
  • Diagnostics Control Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes with the tap of a finger.
  • Technician Lynk Lynk your vehicle with a registered technician to send and receive data in real-time.
  • Reflash Capabilities Quickly and easily program your vehicle using ECU profiles created by your technician.
EZ LYNK AutoAgent™


iOS & Android App
  • Customizable Gauge Screens Select from over 25 different PIDs across three customizable gauge screens.
  • Detailed Vehicle Management Lynk your vehicle with registered technicians, manage ECU profiles, and adjust vehicle details.
  • Technician Communication Share recorded datalogs and chat with any lynked technician instantly.
  • App Guided Programming Flash your ECU with profiles created by your technician using app-guided steps.

Cloud Based Management

For Technicians
  • Auto Lynk/Share Place an AutoAgent™ or VIN into the auto lynk queue to automatically establish a lynk upon plugin. Enable auto share to instantly share ECU profiles with specified vehicles.
  • Datalog Playback Users are able submit up to 30 minutes of data that can be viewed and played back in manageable video timeline for fast and easy troubleshooting.
  • ECU Profile Editor With just an internet connection, you can quickly make adjustments from anywhere in the world! The cloud based editor makes it easy to customize profiles and share them with users for instant and automatic updates.

Upcoming Builds

T87 Flash Capabilities Within 51 – 83.75 Days 2017+ GM Gas Full Support Release 02/06/18 13+ RAM & 17 Ford TPMS Coming Soon! Updated February 6th, 2018

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