Cloud Based Management & Tools For

Approved Technicians

Efficiently manage clients and vehicles with the innovative EZ LYNK Cloud from anywhere in the world. Send and receive data to lynked vehicles in real-time. Just open your browser and GO!


Data Management & Sharing
  • Auto Lynk Queue Users can automatically lynk their vehicles with you when their VIN or AutoAgent™ serial number is added to your auto lynk queue.
  • Auto Share ECU Profiles Enable auto share from a vehicle’s description to make ECU profiles with a matching Cal ID instantly available to the user.
  • EZ LYNK Tokens Tokens are used to unlock cloud sharing. 0 tokens are required to receive data. 10 tokens are required to permanently send and receive data.

Datalog Playback

Real-time Troubleshooting
Datalog Playback
  • 30 Minutes of Data Playback up to 30 minutes of data in a convenient graph timeline.
  • Parameter Selection Select specific parameters to isolate relevant troubleshooting data.
  • Data Highlights Review time-stamped bookmarks with user added comments.
  • Timeline Control Zoom and adjust playback speed to monitor data more efficiently.

ECU Profile Editor

Live Software Adjustments
  • OEM Profiles Provided OEM/Baseline profiles provided for all officially supported vehicles.
  • Multiple Parameter Displays View and adjust map parameters from scaled graphs or advanced data tables.
  • Quick Access Favorites Add maps to your favorites for quick access and faster adjustments.
ECU Profile Editor

Upcoming Builds

Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Build 2 – 4 weeks 13+ RAM & 17 Ford Tire Size Released 09/05/17 GM Gas Flash Capabilities Released 08/25/17 Updated September 5th, 2017

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