ELD Capabilities

ELD Carriers

  • Create and modify driver, admin, and other ELD user accounts.
  • Store ELD data securely and privately for at least 6 months.
  • Edit driver records that can should be confirmed by the driver.
  • Access ELD troubleshooting/malfunction reports and inconsistencies.

ELD Users

  • Record and store your last 7 days and current 24 hours of data locally.
  • Access up to 6 months of recorded ELD logs on demand.
  • Provide data to officials on demand via the web, email, or on-screen inspection.
  • Add and operate with a co-driver and edit HOS rules via the Settings menu.

ELD System Daily Usage

1 Verify that the AutoAgent device is connect to the vehicle’s data port. Plug the AutoAgent into the vehicle's data port
2 Place your ignition in the ON position. Place your ignition in the ON position
3 Connect your mobile device to the AutoAgent via your device’s Wi-Fi settings. Connect via Wi-Fi
4 Launch the EZ LYNK ELD app by tapping the app icon on your mobile device. Launch the EZ LYNK ELD app

DOT Inspections Made Easy

DOT Inspection
  • Begin Inspection Tap and hand over your mobile device for inspection of your last 7 days and current 24 hours of logs.
  • Send Logs Send a copy of your logs for the last 7+ days via web or email.
  • Routing Code Enter an optional comment or routing code provided by the inspecting safety officer.
  • Instant Delivery Tap send to complete and send all required logs to FMCSA.
  • On-Screen Inspection Conveniently organized list of logs sorted by date.
  • Log Tab Display the selected 24 hours in a grid with list of events.
  • Information Tab Open and view log info of the selected log.
  • Event List List of events will provide all information required for inspection.
DOT Inspection

Daily Logging

Daily Logging
  • Certified Logs Certified logs will always show a ‘success’ visual indicator.
  • Log Alerts If a logs needs your attention, the app will display an alert indicator.
  • Log Details The daily log interface details events and offers the ability to certify a log.
  • Edit Events Edit events to add some missing required details such as location or to add a comment.

Upcoming Builds

T87 Flash Capabilities Within 51 – 83.75 Days 2017+ GM Gas Full Support Release 02/06/18 13+ RAM & 17 Ford TPMS Coming Soon! Updated February 6th, 2018

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