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Complete Control… At Your Fingertips. Cell Data Not Required

Enhanced PID Monitoring

On 3 Different Displays
  • Advanced Monitoring Enhanced PIDs available for every supported vehicle.
  • Live Graph Graph that displays the last 30 seconds of data.
  • Custom Display Customize each display by selecting desired PIDs.
  • Warning Levels Adjust warning levels to highlight gauge values.
AutoAgent™ App

Complete Vehicle Control

Diagnose, Lynk, & Program
AutoAgent™ App
  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Codes Clear diagnostics trouble codes read from your engine computer with a single tap.
  • Lynk Your Vehicle With Your Tech Share your vehicle details with your technicians to enable data sharing capabilities.
  • Adjust & Apply Vehicle Details Manage and change vehicle details to clear dash lights and obtain accurate readings.
  • Flash/Program Your ECU Apply vehicle software updates that can be customized and adjusted by your technician.

Real-Time Communication

Datalogging, Messaging, & Updates
  • Remote Assistance Lynk your vehicle with a tech for remote assistance.
  • Live Datalogging Record and send datalogs for instant troubleshooting.
  • Instant Messaging Chat with your technicians using instant messages.
  • Automatic Updates Receive automatic software and firmware updates.
AutoAgent™ App

Device & Software

Firmware Version 10.10.24 iOS App Version 1.20.14 Android App Version 1.9

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