Enhanced PID Monitoring

On 3 Different PIDs

Advanced Monitoring Enhanced PIDs available for every supported vehicle.

Live Graph Graph that displays the last 30 seconds of data.

Custom Display Customize each display by selecting desired PIDs.

Warning Levels Adjust warning levels to highlight gauge values.

AutoAgent™ App

Complete Vehicle Control

Diagnose, Lynk, & Program
AutoAgent™ App
  • Read & Clear Diagnostic Codes Clear diagnostics trouble codes read from your engine computer with a single tap.
  • Lynk Your Vehicle With Your Tech Share your vehicle details with your technicians to enable data sharing capabilities.
  • Adjust & Apply Vehicle Details Manage and change vehicle details to clear dash lights and obtain accurate readings.
  • Flash/Program Your ECU Apply vehicle software updates that can be customized and adjusted by your technician.

Real-Time Communication

Datalogging, Messaging, & Updates

Remote Assistance Lynk your vehicle with a tech for remote assistance.

Live Datalogging Record and send datalogs for instant troubleshooting.

Instant Messaging Chat with your technicians using instant messages.

Automatic Updates Receive automatic software and firmware updates.

AutoAgent™ App

Upcoming Builds

Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Build 2 – 4 weeks 13+ RAM & 17 Ford Tire Size Released 09/05/17 GM Gas Flash Capabilities Released 08/25/17 Updated September 5th, 2017

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